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Case Study Ogilvy Spirits We are a rare occurrence of fourth generation farmers at Hatton of Ogilvy Farm and our business is very much a family affair.

We are a diversified potato farm and started up our own distillery four years ago. We had no experience of distilling, but we needed to diversify and we saw a gap in the market amid the trend for craft spirits and drinks.

Ogilvy Vodka is distilled using our own Maris Piper potatoes, all grown on the farm, and the whole process from field to still, bottle, bonding and sale takes place on site. We employ one full time distiller and various sales staff for the vodka, and the farm itself employs a large workforce and local contractors.

We use local businesses and professional services for all our business needs, and our new cocktail mixtures use local fruit ingredients wherever possible. We are extremely environmentally and waste conscious.

We have been a Zero Waste Scotland Case Study and are proud of the success of our zero-waste philosophy to date. Any waste potato and food matter is fed to our cattle, our distillery is fully solar powered and our water is supplied and recycled around the farm. We use glass bottles as they can be fully recycled.

We have developed a truly unique and premium product using the resources available to us and ensuring nothing is wasted. Or cocktail mixes are a new addition and we will continue to explore ways to expand the business while maintaining our field to bottle on site ethos. It is a source of great pride to us to see the smart bottles leaving the steading built by our Jarron forbears in 1910.
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