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Case Study Wildfires Angus Glens Moorland Group
Case Study Wildfires Wildfires in the UK are not something many people would expect. Fortunately they are few and far between, however, they are still a possibility and a risk to wildlife and our landscapes. The start of the summer months brings high temperatures, creating difficult and riskier conditions for a rural fire to begin, particularly the dry heathers and grasses in the Scottish Moorlands.

Up in Angus on the Invermark estate this June, a wildfire began on the hill, quickly spreading due to the dry fauna and heather. With temperatures soaring high into the 30’s this summer, and not much rain fall over the last few days, the hill is tinder dry, making it optimum for a fire.

The fast reactions of the gamekeepers and their organisation of the situation helped to contain the fire and prevent further damage and loss of habitat. Keepers from across all five estates joined together to tackle the flames, with head keeper of Invermark Estate, Garry, and apprentice keeper Jamie, the team have contained the fire so far, by dampening down the heather beds, and extinguishing the still burning embers. The team at Invermark have done an outstanding duty, working through the night to monitor the flames and stop it spreading further. The dry weather means this can all easily reignite again, and so will be closely organised.

The result of two young gentleman carelessly throwing away a cigarette, started the entire fire, setting off an almost domino effect through the dry landscape. The carelessness and selfishness of a simple act of disregarding a cigarette bud, not only destroys the precious landscapes, it kills wildlife and puts people’s lives at risk and those working on the national Park and estates. Members from the Angus Glen Estates have worked hard to ensure the wildlife and habitat on the estates are conserved and no further damage is done.

Photo Credit David Chancellor
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