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Case Study Hayfield Equestrian Centre Aberdeen
Case Study Hayfield Equestrian Centre Hayfield Equestrian Centre, based by Hazelhead Park, is just under 4 miles from Aberdeen City centre but it certainly feels like you’re in the countryside.

Hayfield is a not-for-profit organisation offering horse riding lessons, and has been on site for over 60 years. Manager, John Crawford has been in post for 45 years and is delighted at just how successful the venture has become over the years.

Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome at the club and all trainers are qualified in degree-level classes. The popularity of the lessons remain high, and many of the new intake are the children of previous members, who in turn are the children of the first generation of learners. Three generations of families are continuing to use Hayfield.

Hayfield also provides opportunity for all the schoolchildren in Aberdeen and the Shire from primary school-age upwards to become involved with riding and horses at a considerably discounted rate. As a grass roots initiative, the “Active Schools” programme creates an opportunity for those who have never ridden before to get into equestrian sport.

Hayfield’s riding club is unique in that it provides opportunity for people who cannot afford to own a horse to compete up to national level. Hayfield provides the horses, the coaching, the management and the transport to events around the country to qualify for local, regional and national competitions.

The club is resourced by Hayfield’s owners and partly by sponsorship and financial support from local businesses in Aberdeen. It is now possible for a young rider to start riding with the “Active Schools” programme and then, if they prove to have the skills and dedication, for them to be in a team competing on equal terms with clubs for more affluent horse owners. For the first time, Hayfield are bringing equal opportunity and total social inclusion to the fore in the UK equestrian competition arena.

Commenting on the work of Hayfield, John Crawford said: “I love this place and have spent the vast majority of my life here, and I really enjoy seeing our pupils experiencing riding. Our pupils learn about discipline, hard work and commitment, as well as the huge sense of enjoyment from riding the horses.”
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